We provide professional landscaping services on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland!   Call Terry, Dawn or Donna (757)824-3610 to find out more.

We Have Loads of Beautiful Daylilies in Stock!

Rare & Heirloom Plants on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

We stock one of the largest plant selections on the Delmarva Peninsula.   And we only deal with top-quality plant and tree wholesalers.   We stand behind every plant that we sell.

We hope that you will find what other customers have found for years -- a great selection of hardy plants, trees, shrubs and gardening supplies.

Hardy, Beautiful Plants

Exotic Plants, Flowers and Trees

Eastern Shore landscaping services Giant selection of all types of flowers, plants, shrubs, sub-shrubs and trees.   We maintain 8 greenhouses of cool and hard-to-find plants.   We have a solid reputation of selling very robust and hardy plant and tree species, and we pride ourselves on offering our customers honest service and high quality products.   Come visit us and see our selection.  We stand behind every single plant and tree that we sell.   Just ask us if you have any questions at all about how to care for your new plants and trees.   We are filled with tips and tricks of "green thumbery."

Native Plants

Easy to Grow, Easy to Maintain

rows of plants at Thomas's If "going native" is your thing, you will not find a wider selection of native plant species anywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula.   Wander our 5 acres of inventory and find exactly what you need.   We have an extensive selection of shade natives and flower natives.   Please ask our sales staff if you cannot find a plant, as our grounds are large and it is easy to get lost while browsing everything we have.   At a minimum, just strolling through our greenhouses and plant beds will relax and rejuvinate your mind and body.