Tools, Gloves, Mulches, Statuary, Vases & Foods!

landscapingWe carry a giant selection of all types of tools, supplies, materials and do-it-yourself books.   We carry only the most useful and high-quality products.   From serious gardening tools, gorgeous fountains and garden statues, to hanging baskets, gloves, hoses, mulches, bark chips and seeds.

landscapingWe carry "heirloom" seeds that provide for highest-quality plants found in North America.   For the novice and the advanced gardener alike, growing heirloom plants will provide a satisfying, "analog" experience that will remind you of just what the earth can provide -- beautiful, hardy plants!

landscapingWe carry affordable vases and planters for all of your desck/patio/sunroom plant needs!

flowersWe stock all kinds of usefeul items for your gardening needs.

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